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Prepaid Funeral Plans

From under £17.00 per month

When we pass away the first expense that those left behind have to pay is for our funeral which will normally be taken from our estate (savings etc.)

Funeral costs have increased dramatically in recent years and will probably continue so to do. It makes sense, therefore, to purchase a Funeral Plan at the current price which guarantees to pay our funeral costs whenever we pass away.

Funeral Plans can be arranged for Cremation or Burial and different types of service. The Funeral Plan providers have different levels of plan to cope with our different needs.

More importantly a Funeral Plan will include our wishes and ensure that they are actioned. It also ensures that those left behind do not have the stress of arranging the funeral at an already very stressful time.

There are a number of Funeral Plan providers providing similar products and costs can vary. Most providers offer instalment plans which some clients prefer.

We will establish which plan is the most suitable for you and select the provider that has the lowest price at that time.

Please remember that it costs nothing to talk to us!

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