• Probate


This is required when we die and often the family need assistance.

We can help with this and can access favourable and fixed rate fees.

Probate (Estate administration) is the process of dealing with a person’s legal, financial and personal tax affairs after they have died.

It involves far more than obtaining a Grant of Probate, which is just one element of the process. This means dealing with all their assets, paying debts, Inheritance Tax and Income Tax. Whatever is left in the estate is then transferred to the beneficiaries.

Probate can be extremely complex and is required after every death, whether or not there is a Will.

These are just some of the tasks that are involved and every estate is different. While some people decide to administer the estate themselves, this can take a significant amount of time and effort; and it leaves them personally liable for any mistakes made during the process.

Most of us are not used to dealing with the complex requirements of estate administration, especially at a time when financial matters are the last thing on our minds.

Lionheart can obtain the Grant of Probate quickly and at a low fixed fee.

We can also obtain Free property and estate valuations.

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